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Tips on 'Tipping'

 In New Zealand

Updated  9/04

In NZ we do not tip!

All pay rates to workers are maintained to a level so that the need for additional tipping is not required. We do not tip anyone and neither should you while in NZ. Even if your computerized till slip with your bill at a restaurant has a line for a tip, please do not be embarrassed and feel you should add a tip. Please just put a line through it and repeat the total above to show how much you want to pay. The cash register is computerized for other countries such as USA and not NZ.

Please help us keep NZ tip free!

On the other hand, in exceptional cirtcumstances or when someone goes completely out of their way to do something special for you, you may wish to offer some small gratuity of some sort.
Do so, but only if you want to

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